Lawyers making a business case for Partnership

It's all about the business case – developing and retaining active clients

Lawyers making a business case for Partnership

Vaughan Jenkins

Fundamentally today’s lawyer needs to be much more than just a good technical lawyer. You need to be an all-round business person, capable of winning and retaining clients, developing  long term relationships that generate serious income. To achieve this you need to have a broad skills base which revolves around being a strong business developer and client relationship person.

Many senior lawyers who are not going to achieve partnership with their current law firm for one reason or another need to interview elsewhere if their goal is to be a partner. The interview process is relatively brief and as you only get one go at convincing people you are right for them you need to make sure you present yourself in the very best light. With this in mind we have put together some information/tips which we hope will enable you to maximise your chances of succeeding at the interview stage.

Our path to partnerships guide covers the following:

  1. Client relationships
  2. Business Development
  3. Partnership Presentation
  4. Questions to consider

You need to think carefully about what your business case is should you decide to join a new law firm. You need to fully understand where your contacts are, how to develop them and others into proper clients and what your future business strategy is. This should all be clear and concise, practical and honest. Putting your thoughts down into a professional business plan would be essential and the more you think through interview questions before the interview the better. Be realistic with timing and if in doubt keep doors open as you never know how interviews pan out. A role with an excellent firm with a two year run into partnership could well be a better bet than an immediate partnership with a lesser quality firm. Interviews where lawyers are very well prepared come across as being very well prepared and are far more likely to be successful.

Good Luck.

If you are interested in exploring your options at this level please contact our specialist recruiter, Vaughan Jenkins who concentrates exclusively on recruiting senior associates/counsel/junior partners.