Law Firm Due Diligence

We offer a discreet and highly confidential due diligence service.

As law firms develop more sophisticated recruitment strategies, independent due diligence is now a key part of the lateral hiring process. Hiring mistakes are very costly and undertaking independent due diligence at only a fraction of the cost is clearly a sensible investment. Mere reference checking or informal soundings are often not enough and may not provide a complete picture or allow for a totally informed decision to be made. We have undertaken due diligence on partner candidates in the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.


There is the loss of management time before, during and after the hiring process.

Firms that make unsuccessful hires invariably suffer a dent to their market reputation regardless of the reasons for the departure.

Due diligence can provide you with detailed information over and above the standard reference and background checking process.

It also provides an objective assessment of what the market and candidate's peer group think of him/her.

Our experience is that our due diligence reports result in offers not being made in around 15% of cases. The cost savings will be significant.

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Our Methodology


We prefer to be instructed at the pre-offer stage and request that our client sends us a copy of the candidates' CV and business plan. A report on an individual candidate is normally delivered within 7-10 working days.


We create a peer group around the candidate and calls are undertaken in a way which does not identify the candidate or client.


We make the calls as SR Search using our contacts to gain the best information. We speak to a wide variety of sources to create the report. Our reports can focus on specific concerns or requests.

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Case Study

We were asked to undertake due diligence on a senior partner hire that was moving into final stages at a leading law firm. The candidate had met a number of partners as part of the process and the collective feedback was broadly positive. The firm was looking to bring the candidate into the equity at a high level.